First Environmentally Friendly Irish Crematorium

In 2011 Mount Jerome became the first crematorium in Ireland to install a filtration system to capture pollutants generated by the cremation process. Our total investment in this new cremator and filtration equipment and new crematory buildings came to €1.3 million.

In 2014, Mount Jerome was also the first Irish crematorium in Ireland to invest in a brand new heating system that allowed us to recycle waste heat from the cremation process to heat our crematorium buildings. 

Mount Jerome was the first Irish Crematorium to recycle residual waste metals from the cremation process to provide charitable donations for Irish charities (primarily Our Lady’s Hospice in Harold’s Cross).

Front of Cremator

Filtration Equipment at Rear of Cremator

The filtration system is fully integrated with the cremator.  There are 3 main stages in the filtration process. Firstly the flue gases are cooled from 800C to 165C by passing them through a large heat exchanger. It is at this stage that the waste heat resulting from the cooling of these flue gases is recycled through our heating system and used to heat our crematorium buildings. 

Secondly the cooled flue gases then pass through firstly a dust bag filter.  This filter collects all the dust which is produced from the cremation process. The collected dust is then interred in cemetery common ground.

Thirdly the flue gases pass through a fixed bed filter unit which is comprised of activated carbon and sodium bicarbonate which captures 99% of all dioxins, mercury and acid gases (HCL). When the fixed filter bed materials are spent, they are removed to Europe for specialised incineration and landfill.