Re-Opening of Graves

Family graves can be re-opened to accommodate further full coffin burials and sets of cremation ashes. In these cases the current registered owner of the burial rights must give his or her written permission to do so. This is not required in the case of a spouse or a child of a current owner. Naturally if the current owner is actually being buried in a grave, then there is no issue with permission.

But if there is no current registered owner, then a new owner must be declared. Please refer to our GRAVE OWNERSHIP TRANSFER page on how this can be done.

The average capacity of graves being currently re-opened is three to four full coffin burials and up to six sets of cremation ashes. 

Please note that we receive cremation ashes for interment outside of the normal busy funerals hours, at 10.30 and 13.30 Monday to Saturday (13.30 Sat incurs overtime surcharge).

Monuments on Graves

Only the current registered owner of a grave can authorise the erection of a new monument on a grave. Any changing of a monument, additional inscriptions or any alteration of any kind must have the permission of the current registered owner.

If there is no current registered owner of a grave, then a new one must be registered before any monumental work can commence on a grave. Please refer to the GRAVE OWNERSHIP TRANSFER page to see how this is done.

Certain areas of the cemetery have different requirements for the sizes and colours of monuments permitted. Please refer to RULES & REGULATIONS for MONUMENTS in the Monumental Companies section for these variances.

All fixed monuments must have a concrete foundation to support them, which only the cemetery pours. Unless there is a pre-poured foundation in a grave, it takes 11-12 months for the ground to settle after the last burial before a foundation can be poured. Please note that pre-poured foundations are the property of the cemetery until a foundation fee is paid.

In order for a foundation to be set into a grave, the cemetery has three requirements. Firstly the current owner gives his / her permission. If no current owner exists, a new one must be registered. Secondly a drawing must be submitted by the monumental company showing the correct dimensions of the proposed monument. Thirdly a payment for the foundation fee of €250.

Please note that only monuments made from NATURAL STONE are permitted to be erected in this cemetery.


Graves for Sale

Due to the limited supply of graves for sale, Mount Jerome does not pre-sell graves in advance of a death.  Therefore graves are only sold to families when a death has taken place.

When a bereavement has taken place and a family wishes to purchase a grave in Mount Jerome, an appointment is made to show a family member(s) the types of grave available. Please refer to our price list to see our grave types and prices. When determining the final price of a grave, the opening fee must be also added to the price of a grave.

Please note that the foundation fee for a monument / headstone is not included in the price of a grave.

Common Graves

Approximately 25% of the graves in Mount Jerome are common graves. These are single communal graves that have internments of several different individuals. The cemetery is the owner of the burial rights of these graves. 

Common graves from the last 70 years or so are usually full for any further full coffin burials, although they can accommodate 3-6 set of cremation ashes. Provided a family has a loved one interred in a common grave and it is full for any more coffin burials, they have the option to purchase the burial rights for €1,000. These graves are sold on a “first come first served” basis, to the first family with a loved one in such a grave who wishes to purchase it.

Please note that if a family wishes to erect a monument on a common grave, they must purchase the burial rights of the grave to do so.