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The Huguenots (1713-1830)

Grave No: Ac 67 / 94 - 39057

Brief History:

This large communal plot is the result of the exhumation of Huguenot graveyard at Bishop Street in 1966. The Huguenots were originally French Protestants who fled religious persecution from the French Monarchy in the mid 16th century.

Description of Monument:

A very long grey limestone headstone, 9 metres in length by 2 metres in height. The names of all the approximately 300 remains re-interred in Mount Jerome are inscribed on the headstone.

Directions to Grave:

Turn right onto the Hawthorn Walk via the Main Avenue. Proceed for 110 metres and turn right at a crossroads onto the Long (shaled surfaced) Walk. Proceed for 17 metres and turn left onto a small path, located along the left hand side of a Charles Whitton vault.

The Huguenot plot is 25 metres in front of you, directly behind other large communal plots of St. Thomas and St. Bride's Graveyards. You will have to follow the small path around to the left side of these other two large communal plots to arrive at the Huguenot communal plot.

The Huguenots (1713-1830) +

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