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Sir Richard Morrison (1767-1849) Architect

Vault No: C 63 - 199

Brief History:

Designed Clonmel Courthouse.
Designed Clonmel Cathedral and Spire.
Supervising Architect to the Dublin Pro-Cathedral.
Architect to Trinity College.
Designed Sir Patrick Dunn's Hospital Dublin.
Designed numerous courthouses; Cork, Galway, Naas, Portlaoise, Trim and Wexford.
Designed Ballyheigue Castle, Castle Howard and Castle Freke.

Description of Monument:

This is a vault with iron railings around it.

Directions to Vault:

Turn right onto Hawthorn Walk from the Main Avenue. At the Long Walk intersection, turn left onto clay roadway (Broughton Vault is on your left hand side at this intersection).

Walk 15 metres along this clay roadway and turn left onto a 2 metre wide clay pathway.

Walk a further 6 metres and turn sharp right. The Morrison vault is in front of you.

Sir Richard Morrison (1767-1849) Architect +

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