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Arthur Guinness the Second (1768-1855) Guinness Brewery

Vault No: C 5 - 558

Brief Historical:

Arthur Guinness first established the Guinness brewery in 1759. He died in 1803 and is buried in Oughterard graveyard in Co. Kildare.
However his sons are credited with growing the company to become the largest brewery in Ireland by 1840. From this initial expansion, Guinness has grown into the huge company it is today. 
There are 14 members of the Guinness family interred in this vault. The most prominent individual being Arthur Guinness the Second.

Description of Monument:

A large granite tomb on top of a granite vault.

Directions to Vault:

Walk along the Guinness walk to where it intersects with the South Walk.
Just behind the yew hedging, 8 metres set back from this intersection, on your right hand side you will see the Guinness vault.

Arthur Guinness the Second (1768-1855) Guinness Brewery +

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