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Sir Richard Griffith (1784-1878) Geologist

Vault No: C 87 - 2276

Brief Historical:

Appointed Chief Commissioner of Valuation of Lands in Ireland in 1827.
Published Geological map of Ireland in 1839.
Chairman of Board of Works in 1850.
Conducted a valuation of Irish property in every townland and parish in 1854.
Vast wealth of information from this valuation was used for Government taxation, determine election franchises and to regulate spirit licences.
He was knighted for this huge undertaking in 1858.
The information provided by this survey is still used today by genealogists.

Description of Monument:

Granite monument and marble book on top of a granite vault on edge of East Walk.

Directions to Vault:

Vault is the 8th vault along the edge of the East Walk, as you walk from the Main Avenue. It is opposite a Whiteside vault which is located along the side of the Victorian Chapel.

Sir Richard Griffith (1784-1878) Geologist +

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