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Robert Graves (1796-1853) Physician


Vault No: C 19 - 1698

Brief History:

Physician to the Meath Hospital where he developed bedside teaching, which was adopted throughout Europe and America.
Promoted the importance of feeding fever patients to alleviate systems.
President of the Royal college of Physicians in 1843.
Fellow of the Royal Society in 1849.
Associated with a study of the thyroid gland, now known as the "Graves disease".

Description of Monument:

Portland monument on top of a granite vault.

Directions to vault:

Walk 24 metres along Neville's Walk via the Hawthorn Walk. The vault is located at the edge of the Walk, on your right hand side. The vault is to the left and alongside a Matthew Shanley double plot, which has a single portland headstone and iron railings around it.

Robert Graves (1796-1853) Physician +

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