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Alexander Findlater (1797-1873) Food and Drink Merchant

Vault No: C 81 - 392

Brief History:

Alexander Findlater established his company in 1823 and became one of the largest distributors of food and drink in Ireland in the 19th century.
Eventually grew into 23 shops across (mainly) Dublin and Ireland.
In partnership with Independent Newspapers, established the Dublin Electricity Light Company.
Findlater's Mountjoy Brewery was second to Guinness in the production and export of porter stout and ale.
Company exists today as a distributor of fine wines and spirits.

Description of Vault:

A large granite tomb on top of a granite vault.

Directions to Vault:

Walk 35 metres along the Guinness Walk from the grey power pole that lies across the coffee shop and office buildings. On the left hand side edge of the Walk, you will see the prominent Findlater Vault, opposite the Garden Chapel.

Alexander Findlater (1797-1873) Food and Drink Merchant +

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