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Thomas Drummond (1797-1840) Under Secretary of Ireland 1835-1840

Vault No: C 90 – 323

Brief History:

Captain in the Royal Engineers.
Head of the Boundary Commission 1832.
Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Under Secretary of Ireland from 1835 until his death 1840.

It was during his tenure as Under Secretary of Ireland that Thomas Drummond is best remembered for.  It became known as the Drummond Era. His was the first administration to show that Ireland could be governed impartially and not for the benefit of vested interests.

He tackled the injustices of the legal system, the growing orange order movement and established a centralised and well run Police force.  However his untimely death meant that he could not follow through on his many initiatives.

The Drummond era was a brief glimpse of what might have been, had as effort been made over an extended period to enforce the law impartially but effectively.

Description of Monument:

It is a large sarcophagus with laurel leaf mouldings supported by a massive Portland stone pedestal on top of a granite vault.  It is the tallest monument in the cemetery.

On it is engraved;
I wish to be buried in Ireland, the country of
my adoption - a country which I have loved,
which I have faithfully served and for which
I believe I have sacrificed my life

Directions to Vault:

This is the tallest monument in the cemetery and is not hard to find. Walk 60 metres along the Hawthorn Walk via the Main Avenue until you see the impressive Cusack vault (with 10 Tuscan pillars) on your left hand side.

Just opposite the Cusack vault 20 metres on the far side of the road is the Thomas Drummond vault.  Access is by a narrow pathway behind the McCay vault.

Thomas Drummond (1797-1840) Under Secretary of Ireland 1835-1840 +

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