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Thomas Davis (1814-1845) Writer and Irish Patriot

Vault No: C 115 – 5474

Brief History:

One of the most noted Irish Patriots of the 19th century.
He epitomised this era by his idealism and freedom from bigotry.
Was a member of the Repeal Association in 1840 under the leadership of Daniel O'Connell.
A co-founder of the Young Ireland Movement.
A co-founder of the hugely successful Nation newspaper in 1842 which promoted Irish nationality by inspiring a love for the Irish history, culture and language.
Wrote many stirring poems an ballads such as A Nation Once Again, The West Awake, Clare's Dragoons, My Grave and Sack of Baltimore.

Description of Monument:

Limestone celtic cross and pedestal on top of a granite vault.

Directions to Vault:

Turn right onto the Long Walk via the Hawthorn Walk. Proceed 65 metres until you come to a metre wide pathway on your right. Walk 25 metres along this pathway and turn right onto a narrow pathway. The Davis vault is the first vault on your left.

Thomas Davis (1814-1845) Writer and Irish Patriot +

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