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Abraham Colles (1773-1843) Surgeon

Vault No: C 92 - 744

Brief History:

Appointed President of the Royal College of Surgeons at age 29.
Appointed to the chair of surgery at age 31 and held this position for 32 more years.
His description of the effects of syphilis on children became known as Colles Law.
Regarded as one of the most prominent surgeons of the 19th century.
First surgeon in Europe to tie the innominate artery.

Description of Monument:

Large limestone headstone on top of a granite vault.

Directions to Vault:

Turn right onto the Long Walk via the Hawthorn Walk. Walk 13 metres.  The Colles vault in on your right hand side, on the edge of the Long Walk.

Abraham Colles (1773-1843) Surgeon +

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