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Service Types

At Mount Jerome you can have any kind of service in whichever of our three chapels (please refer to the Chapels page) which you think is appropriate to your circumstances. Generally though services tend to fall into 3 main types.

  1. Non service funerals:
    These are funerals that have no service at the crematorium. They in effect bypass our chapels. The coffin is brought straight to the cremator building for cremation. These funerals account for about 10% of funerals received at Mount Jerome for cremation.

  2. Committal service funerals:
    These funerals have a prior full mass/service at a parish church before they arrive at Mount Jerome. Committal services are about 15 minutes in duration, are usually conducted by a member of the clergy and follow a standard religious format. These services account for 70% of the funerals received at Mount Jerome for cremation.
    Committal service funerals are received throughout the day, 08.30-16.00, Monday - Saturday. However the vast majority of committal services arrive at Mount Jerome between the hours of 11.00 and 13.30. This is because most Dublin parish churches have their funeral masses / services between the hours of 10.00-12.00.

  3. Full service funerals:
    These funerals do not have a prior mass / service at a parish church before they arrive at the crematorium. The main service takes place at Mount Jerome and are about 40 minutes in duration. Therefore two simultaneous time slots are normally allow enough time for the service to be conducted and for mourners to disperse when they mingle after the service.

There are two different sub-categories of full service funerals:

  • Full Religious service: when families bypass a parish church or chapel and have a full length religious service at Mount Jerome whether it be a Catholic, Christian, Protestant, Buddhist, Sikh or Hindu. These services follow a standard religious format. Please note that per the instruction of the Irish Catholice Church of May 2016, Catholic Masses can NO longer be celebrated at any Irish crematorium. 
  • Non Religious service: This full service is designed by the family of the deceased and can be conducted by themselves or a civil celebrant (i.e. Humanist speaker). Because these services do not have to follow a standard religious format, they are more personal in nature. Family members feel more involved in the whole process because they effectively “design” the service with their own music, speeches, poems or words of remembrance..

Full service funerals account for 20% of cremation funerals received at Mount Jerome. However this percentage is increasing year on year due to their more personal nature and content.

However due to the concentration of committal service funerals arriving at Mount Jerome between the hours of 11.00-14.00 (see (2) above), we do not receive full service funerals during these hours. This is to avoid congestion and any undue delay for a family that have booked a full service.

To summarise full service funerals are only received between the hours of 09.00-10.00 and 14.00-16.00, Monday to Saturday. If you are booking a an afternoon non religious full service, it is best to book 15.30-16.00.

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