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Common graves

Approximately 25% of the graves in Mount Jerome are common graves. These are single communal graves that have internments of several different individuals. The cemetery is the owner of the burial rights of these graves. These graves tend to be concentrated in the middle of the cemetery.

Common graves from the last 70 years or so are usually full for any further full coffin burials, although they can accommodate 3-6 set of cremation ashes. Provided a family has a loved one interred in a common grave and it is full for any more coffin burials, they have the option to purchase the burial rights for €1,000. These graves are sold on a "first come first served" basis, to the first family with a loved one in such a grave who wishes to purchase it.

Please note that if a family wishes to erect a monument on a common grave, they must purchase the burial rights of the grave to do so.

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