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Viewing of Services via Skype

Please click on the below Victorian or Garden Chapel Skype Group Link (Green Buttons) listed for the service you wish to view via Skype.

If your service is not listed, please email us at with your request.

ONLY on same day of the service (do not try any earlier as the Skype Group Link will not be live) click on the "OPEN LINK" button option on the Skype pop up window and login under either as a guest or under your own Skype address. If as a guest, please type in your name and click on "JOIN CONVERSATION" button.

During the service it is essential that you TURN OFF (1) your MICROPHONE so that any background noise you may make will not be heard in the chapel and (2) the VIDEO so that all the Skype callers can (hopefully) view the chapel in full screen. Both are turned off by clicking on the microphone and video icons at the bottom of the Skype call screen

It is essential that you have a reliable Wifi signal for the duration of the Skype group video call and be aware that any guest conversation from the Skype group video call will only last 24 hours afterwards.

NB!! The chapel attendant will initiate the Chapel Skype Group Link just before the service starts. However, there may be several minutes delay if a prior service in the same chapel has not finished on time.

P.S. !!!!!!!!!!! Skype technical capabilities are being severely tested during this COVID-19 pandemic. This may ultimately affect your screen or sound quality or even ultimately your ability to view your service via Skype. We are experiencing such issues when more than 25 people Skype video call at the same time. So, if you are caller number 25 or higher, please do NOT attempt to join the Skype group video call.

We will endeavour to record the service which you should (hopefully) be able to view (usually 1/4 screen size) afterwards by clicking on the play icon over the recording, shown in the conversation dialogue of same chapel Skype link provided below. This recording will last for up to 30 days on Skype after the service is over.






Deceased Name & Service Info


Saturday 4 July @ 12.00


Saturday 4 July @ 14.00


Saturday 4 July @ 16.00




 Deceased Name & Service Info






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