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Crematorium Price List

Adult Cremation Fee  €400
Cremation Fee for an Infant, Still Birth or Body Organ  €160

Environmental / Filtration fee - (not applicable to body organs, still births or infants less than 1 year old)

Use of a Chapel for a Service 1st time slot
2nd time slot
Bank Holiday Surcharge €200


Main Selection of Urns / Caskets

Adult green polymer urn  €10
Adult antique finish metal urn  €30
Adult solid wooden oak casket  €50
Infant white metal urn  €20
Infant blue/pink ornate metal teddy bear urn  €85
Selection of other urns, caskets and jewellery items  €20 - €215
Courier fees  €30
Clergy offering Committal service
Full service 

Memorials for Cremated Remains

Garden of Remembrance (per space) €1,300
Columbarium Wall behind the Victorian Chapel (per space) €1,200
Cremation Plot (cost of monument + foundaiton fee is extra) €1,280

(N.B. maximum 3 spaces purchasable for walls and garden at any one time)

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