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Bindon Blood Stoney (1828-1909) Engineer

Grave No: C 106 - 13102

Brief History:

A groundbreaking Irish engineer who became Chief Engineer at Dublin Port in 1867. During his tenure, he was responsible for designing the modern quay walls of the River Liffey using a revolutionary notion of pre-cast concrete blocks and an underwater diving bell (which he invented himself).  He also designed the O'Connell Bridge, Grattan Bridge and Butt Bridge.

Description of Monument:

A 2 metre high limestone Celtic Cross with double limestone kerbing

Direction to Grave:

Walk 80 metres along the Laurel Walk until you see on your right a Hetherington headstone, alongside a shale pathway. Turn right onto this pathway and walk 20 metres until it turns to the left. Proceed a further 10 metres and then turn sharp right where  you will see the monument 3 metres in front of you.


Bindon Blood Stoney (1828-1909) Engineer +

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