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AE Russell (1867-1935) Writer and Artist

Grave No: A76 - 401 - 11217

Brief History:

One of the prominent members of the Irish Literary Revival that emphasised Irish nationalism and separatism form Britain.

Active member of the co-operative movement set up by Sir Horace Plunkett

Prolific painter of many scenes from children playing to mystic themes
Member of the group that founded the Abbey Theatre in 1904
Close friend and neighbour of William Butler Yeats
Collection of poems and prose include Homeward Songs by the Way, the Earth Breath and other Poems, the Divine Vision, Collected Poems, Enchantment and the House of Titans and other poems
His novels include the Interpreters and the Avatars.

Description of Monument:

Limestone headstone, base and kerbing.  On the headstone is engraved;

“I moved among men and places
and in living I learned the
truth at last. I know I
am a spirit and that I went
forth in old time from the
self-ancestral to labours yet

Direction to Grave:

Turn right onto Consecration Walk from Archbishop’s Walk.   Approximately count 27 graves along the edge of the Walk. You will come to a Kathleen Thompson headstone beside that of a Jack O’Rourke.  
AE Russell’s grave is the 5th grave directly behind Kathleen Thompson. Follow the small shale pathway close to Jack O’Rourke’s grave into this section for access.

AE Russell (1867-1935) Writer and Artist +

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