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Because of our 175 year history and experience, Mount Jerome has a long established culture and tradition of dealing with families at their most sensitive and vulnerable. It is our ethos to treat each funeral with the same dignity and care as if it were one of our own family that had passed away.

Both the cemetery and crematorium at Mount Jerome are unique in Ireland for different reasons. For a start we are the only such facility in Ireland where the gatemen wear morning suits and black top hats when they meet and escort funeral corteges.

Because the cemetery was established in the early Victorian period, it has the greatest concentration of Victorian funerary art in Ireland. It also has the second highest number of burials of any cemetery in Ireland. Most Dublin families on the south side of the city have loved ones buried here and have visited us on many occasions We currently have graves for sale and re-open existing family graves for further full internments and for cremation ashes (please refer to the Graves for sale and Re-opening of family graves in the Cemetery section).  Please note that we do not pre-sell graves in advance.

The crematorium is the only one in Ireland that offers bereaved families the choice of two chapels in which they can have any type of service they wish (please refer to the Service Types page in the Crematorium section). There is also tea rooms conveniently positioned in beteen both chapels. Because of our two chapels and the level of service we offer, Mount Jerome receives the most cremation funerals of all the crematoria in Ireland.

In summer 2011 Mount Jerome proudly became the first crematorium in Ireland to install a filtration system to capture pollutants generated by the cremation process.

Effectively what this means is that all our emissions are "scrubbed" to ensure any harmful emissions are removed and that we comply with the latest EU environmental legislation.  
We have also installed a brand new cremator which is the most energy efficient in Ireland. Our carbon footprint has been reduced by 30%. We are also the first Irish crematorium to install an automatic coffin loading system.

In summary the new crematorium equipment at Mount Jerome far surpasses any historical cremator equipment currently in use in Ireland. We are now the most environmentally friendly crematorium in Ireland today.

We also have more memorial options for families to choose from than any other Irish crematoria for ashes not being interred in an existing family grave or being scattered.

But above all, we are proud to assure you that we are committed to providing services and surroundings that bring peace and comfort to bereaved families and visitors, through a dignified and respectful atmosphere.


Mount Jerome
Cemetery & Crematorium

158 Harold's Cross Road
Harold's Cross
Dublin D6W HY98

Telephone: 01 497 1269
Fax: 01 496 0994

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