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Vehicle Access Restrictions to Cemetery Grounds

Mount Jerome was designed 60 years before the motor car was invented! Reluctantly we have to restrict the access of motorised vehicles visiting graves for safety reasons and not to impede funeral corteges in the cemetery grounds. These restrictions apply during:

  1. Funeral Hours: 10.30 to 13.00 Monday to Saturday
  2. On days around busy visiting periods (Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day) and if necessary Saturday afternoons.
  3. No large vans or trucks allowed beyond the cemetery main avenue
  4. No access whatsoever for visiting vehicles on Sundays and Christmas Eve & Day

The best time to visit with a vehicle is in the morning (08.30 to 10.30) and in the afternoon (13.00 to 16.00), Monday to Saturday. Please note (2) above for Saturday afternoons.

All vehilces must leave the grounds by 16.00 !!!!

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