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Re-opening of family graves

Family graves can be re-opened to accommodate further full coffin burials and sets of cremation ashes. In these cases the current registered owner of the burial rights must give his or her written permission to do so. This is not required in the case of a spouse or a child of a current owner. Naturally if the current owner is actually being buried in a grave, then there is no issue with permission.

But if there is no current registered owner, then a new owner must be declared. Please refer to the  Transfer of Grave Ownership page on how this is done.

The average capacity of graves being currently re-opened is three to four full coffin burials and three to six sets of cremation ashes. If however the full final burial space was not utilised then a family grave could hold up to twelve sets of cremation ashes. The only issue with this is there enough room on the headstone for all the names?

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