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Internet viewing of services

If one or more family members are unable to attend a loved one's cremation service at Mt Jerome, then it is possible for them to view and hear the service over the internet via Skype (with the full knowledge of the bereaved family).

All that we need is for the individual(s) concerned to take the below 3 necessary steps at least several hours before the service starts:

(1) To email us beforehand with the name of the deceased, the date and time of the cremation service. We will then in turn email that individual(s) with the relevant Chapel Skype Web Link.

(2) The individual(s) to send a Skype Request to the supplied Chapel Skype Web Link, so that we will have that individual(s) Skye address /contact name logged.

(3) The chapel attendant will then Skype call that individual(s) just before the service starts to enable the cremation service to be viewed and heard over the internet.

Remember that it is essential that the individual who wishes to view their loved one's cremation service to (a) have a reliable Wifi signal for the duration of the Skype call (b) be fully set up beforehand with the above 3 steps and (c) be experienced in using Skype. If not experienced, then to obtain the help of a friend or family member who can help with setting up the Skype call.

NB !! Please ensure that the Microphone setting on the Skype call screen is muted (i.e. set on zero) during the service.



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