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25 mourners can be accommodated in our Victorian Chapel, but only 18 in our Garden Chapel and 5 in our Angels Chapel due to social distancing and the sizes of our chapels.

Any Covid-19 funerals must still be booked into our Garden Chapel.

Any COMMITTAL services during a 45 minute time slot must ONLY be 20 minutes in duration so as to allow the chapels to be (Covid-19) cleaned after every service and to allow live streaming for each service to start on time.

Any FULL services that are longer than 20 minutes in duration MUST BOOK 2 x 45 minute  simultaneous Full Service time slots as shown in the below table (except for 15.45 Garden & 16.00 Victorian, as there are no later time slots to book afterwards).

This table will also help explain which Chapel time slot can accommodate which type of funeral service.

Garden / Victorian Chapels

Committal or Full Service ???

09.45        /      10.00 Committal or Full Service 
10.30       /       10.45 Committal or Full Service
11.15       /       11.30 Committal Service
12.00       /       12.15 Committal Service 
12.45       /       13.00 Committal Service 
13.30       /       13.45 Committal Service 
14.15       /       14.30 Committal or Full service
15.00       /       15.15
Committal or Full service
15.45       /       16.00

Committal or Full Service  


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